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This oil painting is a striking and dramatic piece of art that captures the viewer's attention with its bold use of color and striking imagery. The painting features a blue horse standing in water, next to an embankment that appears to be on fire.

The horse is the centerpiece of the painting, and it is depicted in a unique and innovative style that blends realism with cubism. The horse's head and front legs are depicted in a cubism style with angular lines and sharp edges that create a sense of movement and energy. However, as the viewer's eye moves across the canvas, the horse's body becomes more realistic, with fine details that give it a lifelike quality. 

The horse is painted in a striking blue color that contrasts sharply with the fiery tones of the embankment behind it. The blue color gives the horse a sense of serenity and calmness, while the embankment on fire creates a sense of danger and urgency.

The use of oil paint gives the painting a rich texture and depth, with layers of color that create a sense of depth and dimension. 

The scene itself is surreal and dreamlike, with the embankment on fire creating a sense of chaos and destruction. The horse standing calmly in the water creates a sense of peace and tranquility, offering a sense of hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

Overall, this oil painting of a blue horse standing in water, next to an embankment seemingly on fire, is a powerful and thought-provoking work of art that combines different styles and elements to create a unique and striking composition.


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Salt River Blue

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