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Acrylic and Resin


DIMENSIONS: 20"x24" (dimensions are approximate)



The Tiger Lily abstract resin painting is a stunning piece of art that draws inspiration from the natural world. The painting is dominated by a pristine white background, which serves as the perfect canvas for the various colors and textures that adorn it.

The focal point of the painting is the golden stones that seem to float across the surface of the canvas, adding a sense of depth and dimension to the piece. These stones are strategically placed to create an alluring pattern that draws the viewer's eye in and holds their attention.

In addition to the golden stones, the painting features a range of other colors that come together to create a harmonious and visually appealing composition. The gold coloring adds an element of luxury and sophistication, while the bronze creates a sense of warmth and depth.

The use of black and grey in the painting adds contrast and drama, creating a dynamic tension that gives the painting a sense of energy and movement. The different shades of black and grey are proudly showcased to create a bold effect that adds to the painting's elegance.

The title of the painting, Tiger Lily, is fitting as the overall composition has a certain wildness to it. The colors and textures seem to have been inspired by the untamed beauty of nature, evoking the feeling of a tiger lily's soft petals fluttering in the breeze.

Overall, the Tiger Lily abstract resin painting is a beautiful and captivating piece of art that will bring a sense of calm and wonder to any space.

Tiger Lily

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